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BusinessOne is seeking passionate, motivated and diligent thinkers to join our Consultant Program.

BusinessOne Consulting UNSW provides pro-bono student consultancy services to rapidly growing start-ups in areas of business strategy and operations. We seek to nurture the next generation of business leaders by placing our student consultants in small, high-performing teams and challenging work environments on a project given by a start-up client, designed to foster business acumen, professional problem solving and leadership skills. 

BusinessOne is the only start-up focused consulting society at UNSW, and we have worked with over 50 well-established social start-ups spanning across fintech, edtech, medtech and more. Our program also provides invaluable professional development via workshops on research, structured thinking, slide-design and client management

For more information on the roles, visit our Join Us page here.

1. Learn

Learn and develop critical and industry-related skills by working professionally with social-startups and entrepreneurs.

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3. Create

Strategise and use your creativity to provide a recommendation in areas of management, pricing, expansion and more.

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2. Bond

Engage with a tight-knit team with like-minded peers and practice essential teamwork and presentation skills.

4. Empower

Your recommendations will empower startups and potentially bring a lasting impact into our communities.




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I [had] joined a great community that shared my love for problem solving and thinking critically, but also knew how to take it easy and have fun through our many social events.




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Having the opportunity to be involved in cultivating the future of leading startups was a challenging but immensely rewarding experience.



Project Leader, InsideSherpa

Learning alongside my team as well as watching them grow and achieve new things made this an invaluable opportunity and made this role ever-more fulfilling.

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