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Why Start-Ups Should Be on a Uni Student’s Career Radar

Hear about why you should be interested in start-ups and the role Earlywork has played in growing the start-up community in Australia and New Zealand!

Why are start-ups gaining so much popularity amongst university students in today’s world 🌎? Why should we become aware of this thriving sector and jump on board for the ride 🚗?

Well, the popularity of start-ups can be accredited to their awesome company culture and deeply driven founders. They aim to cause disruption in the marketplace – landing with a bang 💥 by bringing forward an irresistible product or service that banishes existing standards and raises the bar to a new height. The products always spring from individuals who think beyond the box 📦, coming up with new and innovative ideas which address common day challenges. This is seen to be true with the rise of successful tech start-ups which include Facebook, Canva and Airbnb, all of which have left a lasting impression on our generation.

So, it begs the question; how can we achieve what those who came before us have achieved? How do we bridge the gap between us and the destination 📍 in which we are trying to leap to?

This is where Earlywork comes in. 🌞 Earlywork is a start-up company that aims to connect ambitious, young, talented individuals with future-focused companies. A deep dive into its culture quickly reveals their vision to act as:

“The global home for young people challenging the careers of today and creating the careers of tomorrow”.

Earlywork bridges this infamous gap between us and the world of start-up companies. It allows us to simply reach our hands out 🫱, instead of finding other ineffective and laborious methods of penetrating the industry. You can think about it like this, Earlywork is a start-up itself with the main purpose of helping you discover the remaining world of start-ups!

After going on a spiel about start-ups, I guess you must be wondering what is so special about Earlywork? ✨

Let’s start with their most exciting news of receiving a $700,000 pre-seed funding💸 led by Square Peg, supported by 😇Archangel Ventures, Phase One Ventures & several angels. With this amount, they will be able to continue working on their dream project - fostering the careers of tomorrow in tech, start-ups and social impact industries for young people.

Click here to read this SMH article

James Tynan, the principal at Square Peg has elaborated on why they decided to fund Earlywork:

“We’re investing from our balance sheet because we believe in the power of exceptional people to change the world and think the growth of Earlywork will act like a magnet - bringing more of these people into the world of technology and start-ups.”

As someone who is part of the journey in changing the world 🌎, you may be thinking, what can Earlywork offer me?

Their 3 initiatives set them apart, functioning to support students in finding career opportunities and building a safe and supportive crew in navigating their career journey.

🐾 Earlywork Newsletter

The Newsletter showcases the accomplishments of young creators and founders, documenting the changing narrative of Gen Z’s career direction ✍️. More recently, they have been looking into expanding content forms such as short-form videos and long-form guidebooks. But ultimately, 3 core principles guide the content:

📍Untold Stories

📍Actionable Insights

📍Challenging Career Convention

🐾 Earlywork Community

With no clear structure or textbook guidance for career opportunities, the starting journey can be quite confusing and overwhelming 🤯. To ease these worries, Earlywork has a free Slack community that aims to help young people grow and learn together in their careers without any university or age limitations.

🐾 Gigs by Earlywork and Talent by Earlywork

To bridge the gap between education and careers, Gigs by Earlywork is a centralised jobs board curating early-career opportunities across the careers of tomorrow in Australia and New Zealand 📋.

Alongside, they have recently launched Talent by Earlywork which is a search engine 🖥 that helps young people acquire cool roles without actually applying. With this search engine, companies can access and filter a pool of active and passive jobseekers across our community.

You may be wondering what sort of origin Earlywork must have come from to get $700,000 💰 in funding.

Surprisingly or not, it all started as a small newsletter between 10 friends 🧍 📰. Its purpose? To provide an easily accessible space for opportunities in early career tech and start up jobs.

The co-founders however had a bigger vision for the one-way communication format of the newsletter. And so, powered by endless amounts of caffeine ☕ and passion they evolved Earlywork into a shared community of resources, helping grow their reader base to over 4000 🧑🤝🧑 within 2 years.

Pictured left to right: Jono Herman, Dan Brockwell, Marina Wu

So who exactly are the co-founders? Well, we have

🌞 Chief Meme Officer Dan Brockwell (BusinessOne alumnus 👀)

🤝 Chief Handshake Officer Jono Herman and

🎉 Chief Community Officer Marina Wu (BusinessOne alumnus 👀)

who are unique individuals that have joined together to accomplish one mission.

🌏 Their mission:

We believe that every young person should find meaning in the work that they do and make a positive dent on the planet.

Interested in Earlywork? Find out more about their mission and what they do here. In our next newsletter, join us for a special interview 🌟 with Dan as we look into his start-up journey!

Authors: Alison Tan, Chelsea Liu, Gary Kong

Editor: Natarsha Wong


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